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Arrival - November 18, 2017
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Day One - 11/18/2017

                While we rode the bus from the airport, I thought about what it was like driving the long unpaved roads out to Marilyn’s house in 1975. It seemed like we would never get there. When we did, the compound is isolated in the middle of Haiti overlooking a very scenic view of this part of the island. From here one would never imagine the other parts of Haiti was still dealing with poverty and know the smell of pollution. From here we couldn’t hear the noise of the city. We were welcomed by the children singing a couple of happiness songs directed to us and to God, too. There are chickens, goats, cows, cats and dogs, too. Fruit trees and gardens are noticed. It is a blessing that this place is here, because the children are safe and the people who serve here are happy. God is Good.

Praise God, Gary



Hey everyone!  Today was a day full of travel.  Travel went very smoothly – praise God!  It felt like a return to family as soon as we met up with our HFHC team.  I noticed some differences this time during our travel to the compound.  Positive improvements but also we were going away from the city this time.  It was a long and extremely bumpy ride.  It was so beautiful and we were able to see so many various types of trees and plants.  We saw cows, goats, horses.  We were able to see many different people and children during the drive.  Some of the people and children seemed to have a look of curiosity as we drove by and some of the children would get so excited and jump up and down and yell and wave at us.  Once we arrived to HFHC we were greeted by the staff and the children.  The children sang us a song.  It was so wonderful.  We got a brief tour of the compound and were shown our rooms.  For dinner we had a delicious spaghetti dinner.  One thing that is different here is that we do have electricity and running water.  So we have fans and can have showers.  These feel like such luxuries.  I am thankful for these.  The water and the showers are VERY cold!  But they are refreshing.  I am grateful to be here and excited for the week ahead.

-          Tiffany

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