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Movie Night #1 - November, 21, 2017
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Day Four -  11/21/2017

                We did more of the same this morning as we did yesterday. We counted we moved 219 buckets of cement. A few of us were in the sun long enough to get sunburned. Progress yesterday we filled a little more than 3 holes, the workers filled 4, and today we completed 3 holes.

                Today, we heard about Shelley’s testing was positive and then we prayed for her. We repeated the story of Jesus with 62 three and four year old children in VBS and did the same craft and game. These children were very cute to work with, and sing songs with.

                The weather has been warm, but a lot more tolerant than being here in June or July. Power is more constant and the shower is nice and cool to get into each day.

Love all of you, Gary




Hello all!  I know some of you are probably disappointed that you haven’t been able to follow along with us each day.  No internet service is a bit of a disappointment, but I think it is wonderful we are still making the effort to journal each day and post this when we do have internet again.  We want to include you in our journey as you have supported us in so many ways already.  Please know that we are thinking of you, praying for you, missing you and loving you.  Each day has been full and has been a new adventure.  Today we started our day with more construction work.  More specifically concrete work.  Wow, these men work so very hard each and every day doing this work with their hands.  We have set up assembly line to pass buckets filled with concrete to the holes that hold the rebar to fill for the pillars of the water tower.  The weather has been hot and humid but tolerable.  It has been so much better than it is in July.  That has been helpful!  The compound here is very nice and there is such a great vision and plan for HFHC.  Everyone that we have had the privilege to work alongside are just amazing loving people.  After about three hours of construction we had lunch and then headed down the lane to the school for VBS.  Today we did 3 and 4 year olds.  They were so small and just adorable.  Some were excited and some were a little hesitant.  We sang songs, we did the bracelet craft, played with parachutes, learned about Jesus and prayed.  The kids just love the parachute game so much, it is such a joy to see their joy.  Our interpreters Johnny Laine and Rollite are absolutely amazing with the children.  You can also see their love for the kids when they are helping us with VBS.  We came back to the compound for the rest of the afternoon to rest and to play with the children of the orphanage.  Rob, Tera and Karen were finishing up some dental work.  We are going to have an early dinner and head into the village this evening to go into a home of a member of the church and share the gospel with the Jesus movie.  I am not sure where we are going or who will be there or how many.  However, we are all very excited about this opportunity and we know that it will be fruitful.  We have faith that God will provide.  The countryside in which we are staying is relatively remote and very beautiful.  The school is close to the compound and we can hear the sounds of all the children, it’s an encouraging sound.  Today during VBS Jeff met the principal of the school, he appears to know the names of each of the children, which just shows an amazing heart for these kids and the work he does and he was so helpful.  He also seemed to enjoy himself.  He told Jeff than he has many, many students.  There enrollment fluctuates, it isn’t like what we are used to and they have to pay to go to school.  Fall and winter time the enrollment increases.  Right now they have 327 plus students, ages 3 to 5th grade.  Hope for Haiti’s Children provides a sponsorship opportunity so that more children will have the opportunity to go to school.  It will pay for their uniform, their books, a backpack and their tuition.  While life here is very different than what I am used to, a week is just not long enough.  We are all made in the image of God and we are all His children.  We are called to love our brothers as ourselves and to love God.  We have had the opportunity here to experience the giving and receiving of love from our brothers and sisters here in Haiti.  I want to thank all of you who helped to sponsor this trip with your monetary donations and of course for all of the prayers before, during and after this trip.  This work is big on my heart and I am grateful for the opportunities provided.  I thank God for the many blessings He bestows on me daily.  I can’t wait until we can share our stories with you and pictures, so you too can get a glimpse of our trip.  I know how much I enjoy sharing in others stories and journeys and I can’t wait to include you!  Thank you and I love you.

-          Tiffany

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