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Thanksgiving & Unexpected Blessings - November 23, 2017
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Day Six - 11/23/2017

                We all were ready to work with the construction crew, but they didn’t get ready early enough for us to help. It turned out we were all wishing for a break anyway from the hard labor. I supposed this was a test in patience on our part.

We changed clothes to get ready for VBS and had our lunch of peanut butter, jelly, and Pringles. We had 69 4th and 5th grade children. They were so excited to be a part of the activities, singing, listening and taking part in the Bible story, craft, and playing with the parachute. This group knew many of the songs very well, and learned the memory verse John 15:16.

After VBS, Karen and I decided to help the construction crew move buckets of cement. (Karen’s sister, Tera, also helped. We worked for about 90 minutes and moved around 150 buckets of cement together with the construction crew for the floor of the Water Tower project. It was a lot of fun to hear the Haitian chatter as we moved the buckets in a line of workers from the mixing area to the pit area. I lost track of the number of buckets that were dropped, not just by us, but also dropped by the crew members. I guess they were more used to individually carrying the buckets instead of a work line.

I got to call Marilyn today! It was so nice to hear her voice. I know she will be returning home to Bellevue tomorrow.

Praise God, for all things, Gary



Hello everyone!  It would actually be bonswa.  Today was more of a down day as the construction team wasn’t in a place in the next step to have us help.  It was a blessing.  Due to my sunburn I wasn’t going to be able to go out into the sun all morning again.  So we spent the morning growing closer together as brothers and sisters and as a mission team.  We talked about our Thanksgiving traditions.  It gave everyone a time to rest up.  Today felt much hotter than the earlier part of the week.  Again, after lunch we headed down to the school to do VBS for 4th and 5th graders.  Some of the kids were so very tall!!  They were such a good group of kids.  It is an absolute blessing to see the joy in the faces of the children as they were introduced to the parachutes.  I honestly believe I had more fun watching them than they did playing.  There was one young man today, Steven, who was so polite and was asking all of us our name.  He told Lexi today that he appreciates it very much.  I had a young man yesterday tell me a similar comment, he had said, “thank you very much”.  Several of the older girls today came and asked my name in English.  There is nothing better than spending time with children.  One of the girls here at the orphanage told me that I was her friend.  What an honor.  Another one of the girls who are more reserved spent a lot of time with me today and wanted to hold hands, me to push her in the swing, and to make friendship bracelets together.  Thank you to Tera for brining bracelet supplies.  The kids enjoyed receiving ones we have made and also had fun making some of their own.  One girl also made a necklace.  The kids love playing soccer and basketball.  Roy got to play some soccer with one of the littlest here at the orphanage.  He has a hard time keeping up with the other kids and has to be tough.  He really seemed to have so much fun getting some one on one time to play.  The kids must think I am a cat lady because every day they bring the kittens to me and put them in my lap and say, “baby for you”. I did forget to mention yesterday that the adult cat that hangs around the mission house, whom I have named Eddy, had a piece of cactus in his cheek.  Jeff and I removed it from his face.  He was such a great cat and so calm.  He comes to see us every evening and just wants to be loved on.  He is the most loving and gentle cat I have ever seen.  This evening we are going to have our devo on the rooftop and reflect on the things we are thankful for.  Unfortunately, it gets dark here just as early as it does at home, so we won’t have a view.  Tomorrow is our last full day and here and we have so much on our to do list.  I can’t believe 6 days have already passed.  I pray for a fruitful day tomorrow and for much improvement on my sunburn tonight so that I can be a part of all that we do tomorrow.  As much as leaving here will be bittersweet, I can’t wait to get home and hug my girls and see my baby dog.  On this Thanksgiving day I hope you were with the ones you love and that you had the opportunity to take a moment and reflect on all that you are thankful for.  Take the time to reflect on all the blessings God has given to you.  Take this time to remember John 15:16 – God Chose You, and in doing that, he sacrificed His only son for you.  Thank you Jesus.

-          Tiffany


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