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Work Begins - November 20, 2017
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Day Three -  11/20/2017

                Most of us had a long peaceful rest last night. We all prepared to work together on the ground level of the water tower project. The workmen had 12 holes dug all ready for the cement and rebar towers. The workers are very dedicated to the work. They do not have any heavy equipment to work with. The ground is extremely rocky they must have worked for weeks digging all of the holes by hand using pry bars and buckets to remove the vast amount of rock for each hole. Each was at least 3 to 4 feet in diameter and over 5 feet deep. Our job was to help move the cement to each hole as the workers poured the buckets and placed the rebar. Workers hand mixed the cement shoveled the cement into 5 gallon buckets, which we stood in a chain and handed up the full buckets of cement and handed down the empty buckets to be filled again and again. We did this today from 9 until 12. (The workers wanted to us to continue, but we had to stop to eat lunch and get ready for VBS.)

VBS was a real treat! We had 85 children K and 1 Grade for a little over an hour long. We did a short story about Jesus, made a beaded bracelet, and played a parachute game with the children.  It was a lot of fun.

I miss Marilyn, Love all of you who supported this trip. Gary


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