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Sunday, November 19, 2017
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Day Two - 11/19/2017

                Here we go! Part 2 of my journey to help and serve the people and the community of Haiti.  The flight in was smooth for leaving at 5 in the morning.  Ugh.  But we’re here now and it feels great to be back.  So, this year is the first year of our partnership with Hope For Haiti’s Children.  So far the organization seems really good. The people here are great and we have gotten off to a great start with our relationships with everyone.  The kids are great too! When we arrived at the compound we were greeted by a few songs from the kids that brought a smile to my face (and almost a tear, but don’t tell anyone).  It is so different being out here in the country rather than being in the city.  For one thing I was expecting that one dreaded thing that every Bellevue missionary has become accustomed to, the sound of a loving rooster screaming for Yolonda first thing in the morning, but sadly there is none.  Maybe next time.  Overall, I am excited about this trip.  The group we have is an amazing group of people who really work well with each other and everyone likes to step up and help out.  I pray that God will continue to lead this mission and help to guide our hands and feet to making the lives of this community better through the love of God.  Time to continue this journey.  Talk to you later.

                --Alex J.




Today we had church.  It was at the Thomazeau church of Christ.  It was both different and the same as to what I am used to at home.  Karen did a wonderful job teaching the ladies class.  We had a good amount of ladies come and good participation.  It was absolutely wonderful to worship with our brothers and sisters here in Haiti.  To praise and serve the same God – together, and to remember that our friends and family back home were also doing the same thing.  I had a couple little kids come and hold my hands.  Nothing can fill your heart more.  Then one little girl brought her mother over to introduce her to me.  I was so honored to be a part of that and it was special.  We were welcomed with open and loving arms and received many hugs and kisses.  God’s family!

Praise God!

-          Tiffany



                Today we worshipped God. Bible classes were first everyone in our group helped with the different age groups and adult classes. Roy and I did a men’s class. It was interesting to speak and be interpreted, because of he pauses needed to get the information across. After a little bit of covering information about being a part of the Body of Christ, we allowed the men to interact to questions directed to them. We all loosened up and the conversation became more interesting. Time slipped away and we had to stop to get together for worship. Jeff did great with his 14 minute lesson. We discovered that I forgot my bag at home with the painting supplies, part of the lesson material. We readjusted, it will be alright.

In the Lord, Gary


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