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Construction & Movie Night #2 - November, 22, 2017
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Day Five - 11/22/2017

                Hello from Haiti! Today, we carried 330 buckets of rock. It was hotter than it’s been since being here. The team works well together and we joke around no matter what we are involved in. We had 91 students 2nd and 3rd Grade today and they had a very exciting time with us, and us with them.

                Last night we all got in a Tap-Tap to head for the “Life of Jesus” movie. We didn’t get very far when 6 of us got out, because the Tap-Tap kept bottoming out on the rocks in the road. We got lost in the dark, but eventually made it to a church member’s home. It was interesting to watch the movie outside together. We even saw an amazing streak of light from a falling meteorite. When the movie ended because of a low battery, we all walked back to the compound.

God is Great and He Loves us.

Love to Marilyn and all of our amazing friends and family, Gary



Hi All,

I think today is Wednesday.  It’s been hard to keep track of what day it is as each day is pretty busy.  It has been nice to not be so focused on technology or even what time it is.  Today was quite a bit hotter and we working directly in the sun.  Some of us are more red than others.  My arms are burning quite a bit.  Haitian work men do things a little bit different but it seems to  go well when you have a lot of people to throw/pass whatever needs to be in the bucket at the time.  Yesterday it was cement.  Today it was a mixture of dirt and rocks.  It will be interesting to see the finished product when it’s done. 

Tera, Karen and I have been able to see upwards of 15 patients.  There are 12 children at the orphanage and we are also seeing whichever staff members want to have their teeth checked.  We will not be able to see as many patients as I had originally planned  but I hope to see the children at the Christian Preschool if God permits future visits.

This area of Haiti is quite remote and beautiful.  The property is very close to mountains and from the rooftop view we are nearly completely encircled by mountains.  You can see the lights of Port au Prince at night and it looks like twinkling stars.

Tonight we will likely walk to another home of a family member of the local church to see “ The Jesus Movie.”  Think of going to a drive in movie only it is a walk in movie in someone’s yard with a sheet draped from the side of their house and sitting/standing on rocks.  The stars are so bright here.

Love to all back home. See you in a few days.

Love, Rob



Hello from Haiti.  I’d like to share a little more from our movie night yesterday evening…Last night was inspiring in so many ways.  We basically had a mini projector and a sheet to show the movie.  The sheet was placed on the side of the house and we had a viewing area on the ground a short distance away.  The family went out of their way to bring chairs out and offered them to our group – such a simple, thoughtful gesture – it was extremely touching.  Tera and I sat on one section of the ground and had a host of little girls around us.  The ground was rocky and uncomfortable – I say that to paint a picture.  This family and their friends spent an hour and a half on the ground or standing without one complaint.  They were completely engaged in the story of Christ’s life.  At one moment I had two little girls who had wrapped my arms around themselves and another leaning against me.  I had rocks digging into every part of me (or so it seemed), no back support, bugs all around, a pig ran through us, and it was a completely beautiful moment.  There were these beautiful children surrounding me, thrilled to have us all worshipping with them and loving on them, and stars shining brightly in the background.  By the end of the night I had two little girls asleep on my lap.  It’s heartwarming to know that the children were comfortable enough with us, and that their parents trusted us, to allow us to have those personal moments with their children.




Another day in Haiti and things are still going smooth.  Had a great night last night showing the “Jesus Movie” in the community.  The best part was being able to look up in the middle of the country and seeing a sky full of stars!  It’s been so long since I’ve been able to see the stars like that and all I could think of what how great it was to be able to see God’s glory! The Water tower we are working on is making some great progress, and yes it is some hard work! But, overall things are going well.




Hello friends and family!  Today has been a very full day.  We started out in construction again.  Today we worked on moving dirt and rocks, doing the assembly line again, passing buckets full of dirt and rocks down.  Today felt much hotter and the sun was bearing down on us.  We only worked about 3 hours but we passed 330 buckets!  Today I got sunburned.  There isn’t a lot of getting away from the sun either and boy am I feeling the burn.  After lunch today we had the 2nd and 3rd graders for VBS.  It was a larger group of about 91 kids.  They were a very lively group.  They wore us out this time.  Then back to rest up in the afternoon and early dinner and head back out to show the “Jesus” Movie at a local church members home.  It is long walk in the dark, thankfully we have flashlights, through lots of brush and rocks, etc.  It has given us an opportunity to walk in their footsteps.  This is a path they use daily to get to and from school and to get to church as well.  We also get a chance to see all the beautiful stars in the sky out away from all the lights.  Last night I got to see my first shooting star, it was awesome!  I am burnt, sore, bruised and tired but it is such a blessed week.  I miss my girls so much and wish they could be here to be with the children.  I am sorry we won’t be home together tomorrow to have Thanksgiving together but I hope they know that I love them, I will be praying for them and that I am so very thankful for them and the women they are becoming.  See you in a few more days!




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