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Tuesday Night for the Master Card Writing

Come join us every other Tuesday for dinner and card writing! 

Help encourage and uplift others through our card writing ministry. Each card is handwritten and sent to those who are in need of some thoughtful words of encouragement. We have handwritten over 10,000 cards of encouragement since 2008 and have seen tremendous impact in the lives of those who get a little "piece of our hearts" in each card they receive.


Please see Andy Payson for information on how to serve God and others in this incredible ministry!



Prayer in the Park


Prayer in the Park was started with the desire of getting out into our community, meeting our neighbors and offering up prayer for those in need.  Our booth is setup in a high traffic area of Washington Park during the Saturday morning Bellevue Farmer's Market.  There is nothing better than starting your Saturday with brothers and sisters in Christ greeting, meeting and reaching out to those in our local community.  Our mission each Saturday is to be friendly, greet people, let them know who we are, where we are and invite them to worship with us!  It’s such a blessing to be able to talk with our neighbors, get to know them and offer to pray for them or someone they know who is in need of prayer.  Prayer in the Park has been a great blessing to those who have served with us and we know the seeds of the Gospel are being planted each Saturday at the Bellevue Farmer’s Market. Please come join us!!!

If you have any questions or need more details, please Rob McIntosh. 



JAM Club

Jesus and Me Club (aka JAM Club) is a once-a week Kid’s Bible Club welcoming all elementary age boys and girls! 

One of our JAM Clubs meets at Betz Elementary school each Monday after dismissal in the library. Our other club meets at Central Elementary each Thursday after school in the library.


Each week JAM Club brings a Bible story to life through pictures, videos, song and exciting storytelling. Old Testament accounts of such great figures as Abraham, Moses, David and Elijah, as well as New Testament stories about the life of Jesus, Peter, Paul and many others are shared throughout the year.


Jeff leads the Betz Elementary JAM Club and Gary Johnston leads the club at Central.  If you would like to volunteer, please see either Jeff or Gary so you can get your background check started and start getting involved!



Bible Correspondance Courses

This ministry is designed to provide Bible study courses that can be studied at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home. Courses available include a study of the Old Testament, a study of the New Testament, a study of God’s Plan of Salvation for Man, and several others.

Please consider involvement in the following areas:

  • Conduct Bible courses
  • Assist with scoring Bible courses


Mark 16:15 -..Go into all the world" -The primary purpose of the church is responding to the great commission. Bible study is provided on a one-on-one basis for those who want to understand what God’s will is concerning their salvation.


Please see Jeff if you would like to work in this area.



Personal Bible Studies

Please consider involvement in the following areas:

    a. Conduct home Bible studies

    b. Assist with Bible studies

    c. Special community outreach thrusts


Please see Jeff if you would like to lead individual Bible studies.




It is the goal of our missionary efforts to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Please consider involvement in the following areas:

    a. Coordination and communication with missionaries

    b. Seek opportunities to support mission work both locally and abroad

    c. Seek opportunities for the local church to serve locally and in other countries


Please see Rob McIntosh if you heart leads you to serve in this area.



Vacation Bible School (VBS)

This ministry provides a coordinated course of Bible Study for all ages. Emphasis is on teaching our children and those children whose families are not Christian. This ministry is used as an outreach tool to the community.


Please consider involvement in the following areas:

    a. Prepare learning centers

    b. Teaching

    c. Refreshments

    d. Curriculum

    e. Guides

    f. Open House

    g. Publicity

    h. Follow-Up


Please see Karen Phipps or Lisa Weaver if you would like to serve in this fun and exciting ministry that impacts our youth.


9:15am:   Bible Study
10:15am: Worship Service
6:00pm:   Worship Service

Wednesday Evening
7:00pm:  Bible Classes

Address:  2311 Madison St.
                  Bellevue, NE, 68005
Phone:  (402) 291-3585
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